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    Jodi P Falk, M.F.A., C.L.M.A.is an international educational consultant, choreographer, dancer, yogi, and teacher. Her work centers on the vehicle of movement and the arts to promote educational wellness, conflict resolution, proficiency, personal and spiritual power. She can be reached at: jodi@dancingsoul.org or 413-522-4386.
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    Welcome. May you be moved!

    Hello and welcome to my website. I have been blessed to teach, and learn, in almost every continent on the globe, bringing my love of movement, our human first language, to places of conflict, people with challenges, classrooms of all subjects, first class artists, and now, more and more, to prayer, tefillah, and the Jewish world.

    Many of my students have asked me to share what I know in written form, or in a visual aid. I have resisted this for a long time. I believe that what is shared between people is often ineffable and intangible, a taste itself of the World to Come, Ha Olam Baa. I have felt that when we really learn something it is because we are open to each other’s energies, and because we are safe in each other’s presence. And with that safe contact we then are open to our greatest teacher, the “still small voice” inside us that I believe connects us to each other, the planet, and the Oneness of all. I have thought that words, although powerful and motivational, can label and solidify and therefore sometimes block the essential magic of life from unfolding. I have believed and witnessed the power of movement to open, expand, heal and transform ourselves and each other.

    As an advocate for movement and dance for over twenty years in traditional education, I finally realized that leaving this modality unwritten in 21st century western culture means leaving it vulnerable to being, as it already is, left out of public education, and left out of our spiritual lives. Movement as an expression of our highest selves, our closest and most unmitigated connection to our inner voice, is our birthright. It is the language we first learned as we breathed our first breath. It is what helped create the neuronal pathways that started our brain’s growth. For me personally, it has been the modality for changing beliefs, transforming trauma, and hearing, dare I say, G-d.

    There are, thankfully, many books about dance and movement and many articles that show how powerful it is as a tool in learning and change. In the following months I will write more about what I have witnessed as an educator in both the secular and spiritual worlds, and I welcome the thought that this distinction, secular and spiritual, are not as far apart as they sometimes seem. I am not proselytizing, just recognizing the power of each individual to go beyond their own perceived limitations in whatever arena and find lessons hidden inside ourselves that teach us as much about solving a quadratic equation as they do about teaching us peace, love, and our higher purpose.

    Thank you for visiting this site. I hope to hear from you, and to learn more about what you do and what you think. Peace to you.

    “Great ideas originate in the muscles.”  Thomas Edison

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